Ice Magic 000 – Character Overview

# May be updated at any time (currently incomplete because it’s kind of pointless to have this for characters who haven’t been introduced yet [the actual author is updating this as he goes so some of these characters won’t appear for a really long time])

– Krell Asgard
The main character / protagonist.
Eldest son of the Asgard family.
Received the power of ice magic from an unknown demon.

– Regza Blastal
The swarthy skinhead leader of a guild in a remote village.
Specialty is the greataxe.

– Miria Teremius
The protagonist’s step-sister.
The sole daughter of the Teremius family.

– Zenon Rynsel
A doctor who worked for the Teremius family many years ago.

– Gernold Teremius
Head of the Teremius family.

– Buka Alorude
The shopkeeper managing a manufacturing shop in a remote village.

– Reino M√ľnchen
Miria’s friend.
A daughter of the Munchen family.

– Shira Leinrum
A maid working for the Teremius family.
Daughter of the Leinrum family.

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