With Ice Magic, I Shall Conquer the World

Author: 木原ゆう | Kihara Yuu

Title: 俺は氷魔法で世界を手中に収める [Ore wa Kouri Mahou de Sekai wo Shuchuu ni Osameru]

Original (raws): http://ncode.syosetu.com/n1195ch


A [Crusade] in a world of swordsmanship and martial arts. A young man living in a remote village, Krell one day encounters a monster hidden within the depths of a cave and receives a strange book from it. The moment he opens the book, Krell’s body is engulfed in a pale light. Suddenly, he is granted a new ability – the power of [Ice Magic]. Having obtained the legendary [Ice Magic], Krell embraces his ambitions. And thus begins the story of the youth with a unique, absolute power.


Section 1 – The Creator was Created

Chapter 000 – Character Introduction

Chapter 001 – Useless

Chapter 002 – Ice Magic

Section 2 – Awoken Talent

Chapter 003 – Divine Power

Chapter 004 – My Beloved Little Sister


    this one seems fun, are you guys gonna keep translating this??