Black Healer 004 – Next, I’d better check my clothes

In Another World, I’m Called the Black Healer

Chapter 4: Next, I’d better check my clothes

TN: Bit of a delay on this chapter even though it was short.

I got some serious consistency issues when it comes to translation speed T_T

Hopefully next chapter will come out faster, and then we’ll be off to new territory (since existing translations for this only went up to Ch 5)!

I stopped thinking so much about my family and felt better. Next, I started looking at my clothing situation.

Since the cold season starts in February in Japan, all I had was winter clothes.
I’m sensitive to the cold. The weather forecast said that it’d be below freezing, so today I made sure to really layer up.

I was wearing a long coat with a thick scarf, a sweater, a thick cotton skirt with tights and knee-high socks, and long boots.

My knee-high socks are only for protection for the cold, by the way. (TN: I think she means not for fashion)
My skirt goes below my knees, and since I’m also wearing long boots, you can’t even see my tights or socks.
After all, if your legs are chilly it’s easy to catch a cold.

Right now I don’t even know if this world has four seasons, but it’d be great if the temperature is nice.
I don’t know if they even exist, but I’ll pray to the Gods here for good weather.
Please, don’t let there be blizzards or tundras.

At any rate, this world feels rather warm. If I were to guess, I’d say it’s about 25 degrees. (TN: Celcius. That’s 77 degrees in freedom units.)
The clothes I’m wearing now are a bit too much, but until I know what kind of life I’m looking at here, it’ll be important to keep everything I have from Japan in pristine condition.

I took off my sweater, so that I was only wearing my undershirt. Well, it’s an undershirt, but really it looks like a T-shirt. Viva Uniqlo! (TN: Japanese clothing brand)
I’ll leave my skirt as it is for now.
I surveyed my surroundings again to be sure no one was around, and with a rustle I reached under my skirt and took off my socks and tights. I was a bit worried about being too exposed, so I put my socks back on.
My sweater, tights, and thick scarf went into my item box.

My coat had a hood with fake fur around the collar, and had a down lining. The hood could be detached for wearing the coat in the spring, so I did just that.
Since the sunlight was quite strong, I wanted to keep my coat on. The hood went into my item box.

Wearing a long-sleeved undershirt underneath my coat, I felt pretty hot even without the hood. But, at least I was covered from the sun, and the theme of [Black Eyed and Black Haired Character Hiding from being Found and Killed] is quite popular in the stories I’ve read.

Before I closed my item box, I gathered about 10 of the Agamena Grasses that I was standing on, and put them in my box too.

Great! Now I feel much lighter.

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