Black Healer 003 – First, I’ll sort out my situation

In Another World, I’m Called the Black Healer

Chapter 3: First, I’ll sort out my situation

TN: Adventure time starting soon! (p.s. I haven’t actually read the manga so I have no idea what to expect lol)

When I thought, “I might be able to use magic”, I couldn’t help but get excited.

Because, you know.
As a totally normal Japanese college girl, it’s not like I ever needed survival skills.
Although I sometimes got into arguments with family and friends, I’d long since grown past the age of childlike brawls and lived a peaceful life.
Also, I have no athletic ability. It pains me to say it, but that’s the way it is.
And I suck at shooting games.
In PE class I always had to take paper tests to make up for my terrible physical ability.
I’m terrible at running too. “Marathon? Does it taste good?., is about the extent of my running knowledge.

I think I would die if I were even attacked by a stray dog.
And in this other world, there might even be goblins.

But. You know.

If I have magic, then my survival rate here will skyrocket. Or so I hope.

I listened to my surroundings.
Wind blowing. Trees rustling. Birds chirping.

It seems peaceful around here, but I could be attacked at any time so it’s important to be careful and not relax too much.

Since there’s nothing blocking my view from here, I can see 360 degrees around me. If monsters come, I’ll know immediately.

There’s a lot I want to think about.
But for now I should figure out what I can do. Alright, yep! I’ll fight. I’ll do my best!

Right now, what I understand is,

This seems to be a “Trip to Another World.”
I can see my own stats.
I know the name and uses of the Agamena Grass.
I can use magic.

That’s about it?

To start off, I’ll try out some stuff that’s typical in RPGs and “Other World” novels.

First of all, my winter clothes are too hot and heavy. I’ll see what I can do about it.

Please, let me figure it out. Amen.

I said [Item Box] with an air of prayer.

Upon which an empty space appeared in front of me!
(Eh? If it’s empty how come I can see it? I get it. There’s nothing there, but I can do [something] with it. That’s my guess, at least.)
All right! Hooray!
I can use my item box!

The bags I had with me before were gone. It looks like they didn’t get transported here.
And there was candy that my friend bought for me as a present. It looked really good, I’m sad to lose it.

I’ll see what’s in my coat pocket.

My smartphone and iPod are safely inside my pocket.
My phone is out of range. It looks like only a little time has passed since my last memory in Japan. Feburary 3rd, 2012, 00:25 (TN: 12:25AM).

If I’m not mistaken, time doesn’t pass in the item box, so there won’t be any detioriation.
I’ll leave the item box closed unless I really need it.

Game soundtracks, songs from my favorite artists, and everything from anime songs to classical music, are all stored in my iPod.
From now on, if I ever feel depressed or about to give up, I’ll definitely listen to my music.

On my phone, I have lots of photos thanks to the camera function. Family, friends, stuff like that.

Since I have no way to charge my phone or iPod, I’ll treat them with great care.

Both of them are very precious to me.
I carefully set them in my item box.

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