Black Healer 002 – This seems to be another world

In Another World, I’m Called the Black Healer

Chapter 2: This seems to be another world

TN: Liking the story so far!

I woke up in a big field. I was sitting curled up.

My head was still dazed, like when you are forced awake while in a deep sleep.

It was bright. And hot.

There seemed to be a road around me. In front of me were gentle hills leading to a low mountain range, and behind me was the forest.
The road was cut into the grass, but was overgrown and not well maintained. But, there were wheel tracks, so there should be cars, right?
The tracks weren’t deep. They didn’t look like they were made from tires, so maybe it was actually a horse carriage.

The scenery of Mother Nature spread out as far as the eye could see. There were no signs of buildings or electric cables. The vast sky was bright and clear. I wonder how long it’s been since I’ve seen a sky uninterrupted by buildings. And of course, there was no sign of planes.

Ah. No good.
My head still feels numb.

In this dream-like scene with no signs of reality, I leisurely surveyed my surroundings.

The meadow I was sitting in was next to the road, and was covered with short grass.
There’s even some clovers. It’d probably be nice to take a nap here.

By the roadside were some tall flowers that looked like Japanese morning glories.
Well, they seem a little short for morning glories, I thought, as some words appeared in my head.


– Agamena Grass –
Stops Bleeding ~ Ointment
Boil and eat for small HP recovery
Use [Mixing] to create a potion
[Mix] with Moses Grass and Blue Dayflower to create an ether


This, well.. yeah. This is… yeah.
Words that seemed to be from a game picture appeared in my head on a screen.

Being sent into a game world is crazy, right?
Or rather, is this another world?

Well, I am surprised, but to tell the truth I can’t help but smile a bit.
I’ve finally shaken off my deep sleep and gotten a good sense of this reality.
Actually, my feelings of panic are even disappearing. I still feel dazed but I’m fully conscious now.

I was a university student. A university girl with her future job prospects locked in and a bit of an otaku side, happily awaiting graduation.
That was me, Kanzaki Misuzu.

I like novels of all genres, and love games.
I suck at shooting games, so I only play RPGs and Shoujo Games (TN: games designed for young girls).
Recently I’ve really gotten hooked on “Trip to Another World”-type stories, so I’ve read a bunch of them.

After falling into that fog, I entered a game or another world.

Since I could see the information on the Agamena Grass, I wonder if I can see my own stats?

Okay, uh. Menu? Status screen?
As I thought about what to say, a screen appeared again with a “ping~”.


– Kanzaki Misuzu –
HP (Vitality): 586/586
MP (Spirit) : 728/728

Race: Human
Age: 22
Title: [Traveler from Another World]


Well, there it is. [Traveler from Another World]. That’s it, isn’t it.

Speaking of which, since I’ve made a trip to another world am I a free agent? (TN: Not sure what FA means but I believe it’s either free agent or final answer)

For now, I should check out the status menu.

Status, if I get poisoned it’ll probably say [Poison] there.
Although, right now I feel like I’ve been hit by a Confusion spell. It should say [Misuzu is totally confused.]

Ahh, yeah. I’m already complaining. Sorry.
Occupation, Attributes, and Skills are all blank, but I guess I’ll acquire those at some point.

I haven’t met anyone yet so it’s hard to judge how good my amount of HP and MP is, but since I have MP I should be able to use magic. Yep, I’ve made it to another world!

Since my MP is higher than my HP, I wonder if I’ll be a magic user.
Magic is no problem for me. After all, I’m a gamer.
My speciality in Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy was remembering spell incantations.

All right, I’ll try it later.

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