Black Healer 001 – Prologue

In Another World, I’m Called the Black Healer

Chapter 1: Prologue

TN: New series yay. Chapters are much shorter than the other stuff I’ve worked on, so it’s a lot easier to TL!

This series has a manga (and LN? not sure) adaptation, although not a lot has been translated.

A cold winter night.

I, Kanzaki Misuzu, was in high spirits.

I had just met with a friend I hadn’t seen a while to go to an anime song karaoke. We spent a long time chatting about a game we’re both addicted to, and I even received a present. The bar they recommended, a small hidden-away pub, was super good.

[Guu—, so cold!]
Walking out of the station, I glanced at my smartphone and saw that it was already nearly midnight.
We had talked for a really long time. I hadn’t planned to stay out so late, but I can just rest tomorrow.

As I walked, thinking about the game that we had talked about, the ground suddenly started rumbling and shaking.

The waves rippled through my body with great force.
“Earthquake?”, I thought, as I fell into a shadow.

Not just a shadow, total darkness.

There was no light, so it wasn’t a shadow, but rather some kind of complete darkness coming from a black fog.

I felt nauseous as staggered around heavy-headed, looking at my surroundings.
The darkness was deep, and I couldn’t tell if the place I was caught in was spacious or narrow, outside or indoors.

[What is this. What?]

Did I get super drunk? Or was there an earthquake?
No, that’s not it. What is this? Where is this?

In this crazy, dangerous situation my head started spinning and spinning, and I felt that I was about to snap, ready to scream.

Suddenly, an arm stretched out from the heart of the darkness and gripped my left arm.


The arm pulled hard, as if it were saying “Come here.”

No no no no no let go!
The arm stretched out from the darkness, and I couldn’t see anything else.
The arm, bright against the darkness, seemed like it came straight out of a horror movie.


I struggled frantically as I screamed.
I kicked out at where the body of the arm should be, but didn’t connect.

[Guaaaa! Let me go–!! Gyeeee!!]

As I let out strange screams that only I could understand, trying to escape the grasp of the arm, another arm shot out from the darkness and grabbed my right arm.

It began pulling me in the same direction.
I stretched my arms forward in vain, because I really didn’t want to go! Because it’s too gross! Too scary!
If I go in there, something bad is definitely going to happen. My danger sensor is going crazy.
It’s a terrible emergency. But, it’s hopeless.

This is a matter of life and death. I absolutely cannot lose.

Unable to move forward, I used the heel of my boots to dig into the ground so that I wouldn’t get pulled any further.

It’s the only way!
The two arms only grabbed onto my upper arm, so I can move my elbow a bit.

I continued struggling, about to lose my balance, trying to loosen the grip on my left arm using my right elbow.

Just a bit more.
Just a bit more, or so I thought. Two more arms manifested themselves, and jerked me backwards.

My precarious balance disappeared as I fell backwards.

The dragging arms.

Before I was engulfed in darkness, I saw the arms stiffen and stop pulling.
I tried to squirm out of their grasp, and just as I escaped their grip, I fell into the darkness.

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